The Sweet Facts About A.C.V aka Apple Cider Vinegar

The Sweet Facts About A.C.V aka Apple Cider Vinegar

No matter how sour its name may sound, the Apple Cider Vinegar has a lot of “sweet” facts that will make busy working women, like us, blush and get truly excited to know!

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to read on what I’ve discovered as benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. The positive effects on me are phenomenal and I just can’t keep them to myself!

I know you don’t have much time to fuss and pore on books to discover what diet, recipe or food will help you with your health as a whole.

You’d be glad to breeze through these heart-warming benefits of ACV:

  1. Helps in weight loss – I’ve been taking 2 tablespoons of ACV diluted in water every time I take my breakfast and dinner for 3 weeks now and I noticed that I lost 5 lbs without much effort. I noticed that ACV on water gave me a full feeling and helps curb my appetite and dampens my craving for sweets. I did some research and found out that ACV may, indeed, help out in weight loss as it increases satiety resulting to one consuming fewer calories. We all know that the fewer calories we take, the more pounds we shed over time. Studies show that for those who regularly take ACV, have seen a decrease in waist circumference and reduced belly fat

” 15mL (1 tablespoon): Lost 2.6 pounds, or 1.2 kilograms

30mL (2 tablespoons): Lost 3.7 pounds, or 1.7 kilograms.”

2, Potent antimicrobial and can dry pimples – in the olden times our forefathers have used vinegar to disinfect wound, clear pimples and kill bacteria. I’ve heard many claims that ACV does better in drying up pimples and clearing the skin. This made me curious and so I tried to dab a diluted ACV-soaked cotton on my forehead zits and cautiously used it like toner on my face. To my surprise, it gave my skin a tight and taut feeling. After a few days, my pimples quickly dried up. Hmmm… worth a try, dear ladies!


3. Aids in lowering blood sugar – a colleague who got curious about my weight loss asked what I was doing and taking and when I shared this with her, she immediately started the regimen herself. She lost 2 lbs in a week and was pleasantly surprised that it also lowered her blood sugar. When she consulted with her doctor to check on her diabetes, she got a very positive feedback. My colleague went home overjoyed and brought 2 more bottles of our fave ACV brand. 🙂


Other than the three benefits I was thrilled to share about ACV, I am glad that taking it will not consume much of your precious time — it needs no preparation. You just take it directly, dilute with water or use as dressing with your fave salad!

In one of my blogs, I will share with you healthy, easy-to-prepare food using ACV. You’d be glad to know that you can take these to work and enjoy them as you complete your reports or work on your computer —  they are not messy and hard-to-eat food, at all!


Determined to lose more inches and get my sexy back!


We are all in this together,


Snow 🙂