Relax as You Paint Your Nails

Relax as You Paint Your Nails

Call it a skill if you will, but this is more of a relaxation for me than chore the day I learned to master it!
It will take some time to do it perfectly but remember what they always say that it’s easy to be good at something if you put your heart on it!

Dear beautiful ladies, please have a change of heart and mind when it comes to learning how to paint your nails. While it is true that it’s easier to just go to the salon to have it done, it will cost you so much and it will rob you of the joy of painting your nails and see them transform to amazing colors that you masterfully coated them with!

3 Cool Reasons Why I Started and Continued Painting My Own Nails:

  1. It is super relaxing – first thing you notice during a toxic day when you just need a way to distract yourself of the stress other than breathe in and out is to focus on your nails and glide those attractive colors to your heart’s fancy! Based on research, if you focus on doing something that is repetitive, it helps reduce stress and clears your mind. I tell you, it’s worth a try! This has always been one of my most effective stress relievers. I have 2 colors in my bag all the time. Wink Be careful to do them discreetly for touch ups.

  2. You look fabulous at less the cost – how much do you actually save when you stop going to the salon for your nails? A lot! That alone gives you a good feeling and you feel proud of yourself being a good steward of your money. All you need to invest on at the start of this relaxing hobby is to buy at least 8 different colors you love, a nail polish remover, pusher, cotton balls, top coat, and some merthiolate (optional just to make that pinkish color). This is the basic package that you need to invest on once off and this will last you for months.

  3. It’s my “Me Time” – I’ve actually created a ritual out of painting my nails on a weekend. I’d light scented candles inside my room, all by myself — with relaxing music, while i wait for my facial mask and hot oil to do their trick on my skin and hair (approximately an hour). This is so liberating, believe me!

I am really happy I’ve learned and mastered painting my nails! I just wanted you to experience the same so you would benefit from the 3 things I shared. And guess what, you can actually start adding to this list amazing reasons why painting your own nails is just one of the coolest things busy women like us can and should do!

I am excited to hear what you would discover as you revel in the fact that you’ve added a skill to your Working Woman 2.0 credentials! 🙂

Paint them really well and have fun!!

I colored mine carnation pink, today! They are so pretty and am happy!
Snow 🙂