Procrastination: Mortal Enemy of Success!

Procrastination: Mortal Enemy of Success!

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According to Merriam Webster dictionary, to procrastinate is to be slow or late about doing something that should be done: to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it, because you are lazy, etc..

Well, whatever the reason, to procrastinate means to postpone doing something — meaning, NOT doing it in the opportune time! Simply put, to procrastinate means to lose the moment of sweet accomplishment and success!

How to beat procrastination, you may ask? Below are simple, easy-to-follow tips which works for me and some chums:

  1. Manage your time wisely by having a checklist – checklists are not only for the OC and nerdy folks. Checklists are for the determined, driven individuals who are systematic and purposeful enough to go through their day ticking off major “events” as accomplishments. List at least 5 realistic things you need to accomplish for the day and just do them! I need to remind you to cherish the feeling of ticking each item on the list — it’s just heavenly tick after tick!
  2. Quit finding excuses – Remember this, dear ladies: excuses are for the fainthearted. We are determined, purposeful women and we will not turn our backs on responsibilities no matter how simple and trivial they may be. We will face big or small tasks with fortitude and we will start and follow through to completion! No excuses. Just pure action!
  3.  Awareness leads to acceptance and action – There are two major reasons why people procrastinate — fear of failure/making a wrong decision and perfectionism (all or nothing). While perfectionism sounds perfect (lol), it’s a trap when you’re trying to achieve something in a timely manner to be successful! It deceives us that perfect, flawless execution is the only way to succeed even in small things. Thus, we tarry, we postpone for eternity and we feel so depressed for not having done it in the first place. Remember, anything “DONE” conscientiously and punctually is an accomplishment! Fear of failure, on the other hand, results to nothing. No guts, no glory!
  4. Reward yourself ! – it’s always nice to look forward to something at the end of a long day, accomplishing things. Strike a deal with yourself — Self: “Dear Self, if you accomplish all 10 things in our list before 5pm, you’d get your favorite ice cream treat!! It’s a mini celebration for the hard work and a productive day!” You bet, dear self will respond with so much excitement and gratitude! **wink wink**
  5. Make this a habit until it becomes a lifestyle – as they always say, something done 21 consecutive days becomes a habit. So true! Keep doing the things you feel lazy about and you’d realize you’ve already accomplished much. More importantly, it has become your lifestyle to not succumb to laziness! It is truly life-changing!

So what are we waiting for?? Let’s start this 1st task on our list! This is going to be an exciting day!! 🙂

Have a super productive and purposeful day, dear ladies!

Winning daily with you,

D. 🙂