It Ain’t Easy But You’ve Got To Start Now

It Ain’t Easy But You’ve Got To Start Now

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Part of succeeding and overcoming in life is facing intimidating tasks and doing them NOW! Bleed if you must but you just have to start and start now.

Looking back at our setbacks and carefully reviewing what we could have possibly missed out on, we might probably think of many things save “procrastination”. Yes, you read it right — PROCRASTINATION.

Why did we fail to plan ahead? Why didn’t we see the setback coming? Did we not anticipate things to take a tragic turn? Or did we just take our own sweet time, which, err turned sour in the end. Too bad.

According to Dr. Joseph R. Ferrari, Professor of Psychology, “Contrary to conventional wisdom, chronic procrastination is NOT about poor time management, but about self-sabotaging tendencies that can prevent you from reaching your full potential.”

Dr. Ferrari identifies three basic types of procrastinators:
1. Arousal types, or thrill-seekers – those who find delight in euphoric rush
2. Avoiders- those afraid of failure, particular with how others would think of them. They would rather be thought of as someone who lacked time than ability to do a certain task.
3. Decisional procrastinators – those who tarry in making decisions. They believe that not making immediate decision will absolve them from the responsibility of the outcome of events.

Those are truly insightful and quite an eye-opener. And honestly, if one truly faces these 3 possible root causes of procrastination with such fortitude, the battle is already half won!

To start now, not tomorrow and the next conducive time, one has to give up three things:
1. Pride – Yes pride that you have to swallow should you fail in your endeavor. We all fail one time as we keep trying. That’s part of the equation.
2. Comfort – Successful people didn’t just get to the top while walking in the park with spring in their steps. They got there marching ahead despite all odds; burning their brows in the wee hours of the morning to brainstorm and risk their resources; passing up on many pleasurable moments to unravel and forge dreams into reality.
3. Fear – Successful people never meditate on what is impossible. They ponder upon possibilities that they bravely act on to translate into reality. They replace fear with grit and audacity every chance they get!

I know it isn’t easy at all to start that grand endeavor, whatever that may be. We can start counting the reasons and excuses why we should tarry. But who, by doing so, have reached their destination or desired results? Not one soul.

By daring to start now, you will make progress and time becomes your ally as you both fly closer to the goal. It may take long, or way too long, but it doesn’t really matter. What you have to remind yourself about is the fact that you’re getting somewhere…

Believe me, you have to experience the sweet feeling of success accomplishing little things that are getting you closer to your dream every tick of a second! It is euphoric, it’s purposeful!

Getting closer to my goals and cheering you on!

Snow 🙂