Help! I haven’t slept a wink!

Help! I haven’t slept a wink!

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Does that sound familiar to us busy working ladies? Oh yes! And with that comes panic about so many things for the day — the project deadline, the errand checklist and… oh, how do I look today?!

Eyebags, pale lips, worried look, bad hair day and I don’t even know what to wear!
I had many days like this and I just had to be creative and be really good at it!

A few surefire way to look collected for a very busy day despite minimum hours of sleep:

  1. Go chic black – invest on a black simple dress which you can easily accessorize. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to pick one that would look good on a sleepless woman like you, your chic black dress would easily come to the rescue! Choose that and wear it with your chunky red or gold choker with matching gold earrings. You’d look elegant and purposeful. Trust me. Wink wink

  2. Red lipstick, my friend – yes, in times like this, your red lipstick is your faithful ally! You said you look pale and the red, right? Well, sexy color on your lips will make them look attractive and ready for whatever the day has to offer!

  3. Concealer and full coverage foundation restoration – restore the “fresh” look by hiding your monster eyebags and dull sleep-starved skin with well-applied concealer and evenly spread foundation. Don’t overdo application so you don’t look like you’re coming from the cast of the Twilight. *tongue-in-cheek smile”. Remember, it’s a no-no to go to work heavy with those annoying eyebags. They look so unprofessional. 🙂

  4. Tame your mane – if you’re having a bad day, don’t let your hair rule over you and ruin your day! Tame it in a lovely ponytail with a simple red or gold band and tidy your baby hair up with mousse. You’d look neat and people you interact with for the day won’t be distracted with how your hair competing with you for attention.

  5. Brow power – busy working women tend to ignore their brows often. Most would just carelessly line them with one single solid stroke and voila they thought that does it. We have to be careful to do the art here, dear ladies! Take a closer look at your brows — study the direction those eyebrow hair are going and pay attention to the color. When using an eyebrow pencil make sure to lightly fill the gaps with soft strokes following the hair growth direction. Before you even do that, make an outline of your eyebrow to serve as guide where to not go past stroking lightly with the closest shade of eyebrow pencil.

  6. flash those lashes and completely put-together look – generously stroke your best waterproof mascara to give your lashes the healthy appearance. 6 strokes per eye will do the trick! This will not take a minute to apply, ladies, but will definitely make you look like you’ve rested for 8 long restful hours!

These simple tips will definitely make a difference in your sleep-deprived days — they will make you feel good simply looking at yourself in the workplace restroom mirrors. Guess what, busy ladies, when you look good, you feel good and you are just so ready to conquer anything the day has to offer!!!

Cheers to beautiful women at the workplace!

Snow 🙂