Have You Pondered On Cumulative  Customer Experience To Win?

Have You Pondered On Cumulative Customer Experience To Win?

customer cumulativeOftentimes we focus too much on enhancing our skills, our specialists and our department’s, as a whole. We spend time and money training our own people so they know exactly what to say when interacting with customers. We always think — we should be the best in the company, we should be number one across all sites – the winning group by all means!

While that is true, we often overlook the concept of “Cumulative Customer Experience” — how do customers perceive you as a whole, as a company, as a brand?

Don’t you think when they start giving their feedback over the phone, through their mobiles and email surveys, they would only remember you and that single experience with you? Yes they may, especially when you did an outstanding job of wowing them each time they raised a concern or simply asked questions. But the truth of the matter is, every time they call your company, a certain impression is built, or destroyed and this becomes the “cumulative experience” of the customer with our company. And whether we like it or not when they start rating us, they will always remember this cumulative experience!

3 Simple Tips to Build a Phenomenal Cumulative Customer Experience:

  1. Treat Our Customers as VIPs — how would you provide service to a customer if you know he is the owner of a firm? Would treatment be any different if they were just “mere” employees with minimal wage? The golden rule applies here — treat everyone with respect and treat everyone the way you’d like to be treated. So irregardless of which department gets these 2 kinds of customers, they can expect to be treated like majesty!
  2. Ace it at the first contact — yes, first call resolution (FCR) as we often call it but it’s definitely more than that! It’s not just doing in all right the first time but being mindful of the total experience of the customer. This goes to say, that when we “connect” (not transfer) our customers to another department, we will ensure that the next person, our colleague, will be viewed as an expert like us. We should do our best to put good word for them and ensure they get the concern of the customer well and that their interaction with our customer is also something worth smiling about after the call!
  3. One company, one brand of excellence – endeavor to collaborate with colleagues from different departments on a regular basis to ensure that best practices are shared and the passion to excel gets passed on. We should not be viewed differently based on our department/group. When customers call with a concern or sit down to rate us, they should only recall one culture, one quality of excellent service and one brand of passion for perfection!


Remember, whatever our colleagues from the other departments do to our customers, these get reflected in our CSAT ratings, too. It’s never wise to think of just our group’s brand of service, our performance and expertise in serving our customers. At the end of the day, we will still be remembered and uhmmmmm r-a-t-e=d as a group, consciously or subconsciously!


Cheers to the experts in the field!!

Snow 🙂