Celebrate to Win!

Celebrate to Win!

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Let’s admit it, we are used to seeing results first before we celebrate at our workplace. While this is the usual practice among leaders, have you ever considered what effect it will have on your people if you celebrate small wins daily until you see the grand results you are dying to bask in?

Seems a ridiculous concept, I know, but a leader has to consider doing this with a big, sensitive heart and a razor-sharp, calculating mind. Picture what effect this has on you — you have a situation at home and you’ve other personal issues you’re trying to solve on your own, then at work you try to give your best shift after shift. Your day at work seems so normal with the usual flow of emails and tasks to accomplish. Nothing stands out, nothing out of the usual pointing out of “what-you-could-have-done-better” email lectures from your boss.

Then all of a sudden, out of the ordinary, your boss emails you, copying everyone in the department, to commend you for your brilliant decisions the other day and detailed why those decisions are instrumental to getting closer to the goal you are targeting as a group. You’re surely surprised as this is not what you expected and the things you did seem trivial and definitely not the grand result you are all aiming for.

But tell me honestly, how did you feel when you received the email where you’re being commended for those seemingly “trivial accomplishments” and everyone in the department saw it, gave you a pat in the back, praised you and smiled at you for the things you’ve done right. Didn’t that affirm you what you’re doing right, that it made you feel good that you’re making progress and contributing to the overall goal of the group?

Many would echo the positive feeling they experienced being commended for the little things they did right at work.

I asked several professionals/employees from different levels out of curiosity how this “celebrating small wins” affect them and below are common answers I got:

  • “I feel valued. I know that’s not the end result we all want to see yet but it makes me feel good that the things I do right are getting noticed.”
  • “No one gets inconvenienced for commending anyone and telling someone he is doing right. It has a lot of benefits — it is effective in rallying your people to continue doing well until you all achieve the ultimate goal.”
  • “It added spring to my steps when I got an email commendation from my boss! Wow, I know I do well at work but seeing it coming from my boss and recognition for the little things I do makes me want to do more and better. It’s just powerful!”
  • “Whether people admit it or not, they like to be commended for what they do right. No one can get enough of affirmation.”
    “Celebrating small wins prepare everyone for the big win!”

Let’s all step back as leaders, look inside and think why we try to avoid doing some things for our people — why do we withhold “kudos”, “great jobs”, “hats off” for our employees until we see big wins? Why are we holding on to our commendations like we will lose big sums of money if we generously let them out? Do we actually have an answer as to why we refuse to commend our people at the workplace?

What we’re forgetting here is that we are in business trying to provide excellent service to our customers and we only succeed at doing that when our internal customers (our employees) are happy, valued, affirmed solidly to provide the same great feeling to our external customers. We give generously what we receive in abundance.

We will just be surprised how sincere celebration of small wins will slowly or quickly propel us and our teams to achieving our great goals! We can never underestimate what sincere affirmations can do to our people and customers!

This is one fine day — let’s go out and affirm an employee at work for what he did so well!

Winning daily with with you!

Snow 🙂